ThinkVirtues™ For Business

Did you know that researchers have found a direct relationship between happiness and productivity in the workplace?

Is it any surprise that happy employees are more creative, collaborative, and productive? Naturally, they’re also better at dealing with stress, making decisions, and managing their time. It just makes sense.

The real question is: What can you do to foster a work environment that is positive and conducive to happiness?

Enter ThinkVirtues, the simple and effective system of tools that helps empower your employees to be more confident, communicative, and optimistic — through the lens of virtues — desirable character traits, like honesty, compassion, and respect.

The ThinkVirtues system has proven to be a powerful and effective tool in educational settings for year, and we’re thrilled to introduce customized offerings for the business world.

Through our workshops and learning system, let us help transform your company culture toward the positive and productive. After all, even in the 21st-century workplace, the most important operating system is still a strong system of virtues.

Case Study - Marketing Services Company

Topic: Introducing ThinkVirtues Program to staff
Our client:
• In need of team organization and re-definition of team member roles to improve client relationships and ensure "best in class" services
• Undergoing an organizational transformation based on adding new staff and clients
The challenges faced by us were in:
• Dealing with new part-time staff
• Managing long-term client accounts and processes
• Diffusing tense situations and directing the team towards their goal
The actions we took to address these challenges were:
• Provided access to ThinkVirtues for Business Program materials
• Conducted series of workshops for all staff
• Identified critical internal processes for achieving business success
• Identified root causes of perceived issues
• Maintained a sense of focus and positive attitude among the staff as each challenge was brought to the table
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Over my career I have been in countless business environments, from the owner/physician of a practice, to the studios of ABC television. The reality is this: culture defines success and in so many cases, changing a culture of how we engage clients/customers, peers, subordinates and owners, vendors, and even competitors speaks volumes for the success and longevity of a business. ThinkVirtues is the catalyst to good behavior and to a culture of good business behavior that ultimately results in 3 things:  happier teams, happier customers and ultimately growth on good principle.  The greater value is that ThinkVirtues training is the one thing we call can and should “bring home from work”.  It applies equally to family, friendships, philanthropy and all the endeavors a successful and confident individual engages in, with the very important special tools for the tool box that help us all to manage the unexpected from hiccoughs to extremes, in this thing we call life.
Marie Czenko, MA, PCPractice Consultant

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